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Pooh Bridge

From 'The House at Pooh Corner', Chapter 6:

'So, where it crossed (the river), there was a wooden bridge, almost as broad as a road, with wooden rails on each side of it. Christopher Robin could just get his chin on the top rail, if he wanted to, but it was more fun to stand on the bottom rail, so that he could lean right over and watch the river slipping slowly away from him.'

Pooh Bridge, or Poohsticks Bridge (it is known as both) has part of the River Medway running beneath it. The original bridge was built in 1907 by JC Osman, and was later restored in 1979 to its current state. On a summer's day, many fans will make a visit to the bridge to play Poohsitcks. If you pick a busy day, you will see many a happy person, regardless of whether they won or lost their game of Poohsticks. If you pick a quiet day, you may see squirrels, pheasants and horses along your way, as well as hearing the sound of woodpeckers and birdsong.

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