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100 Acre Wood and North Pole

The 500 Acre Wood, as it is really known, lies on the east side of the B2036. The forest is home to Owl, who lives at 'The Chestnuts', a tree in the middle of it.

In 'Winnie-The-Pooh' Chapter 8 ('In which Christopher Robin leads an expotition to the North Pole'), Christopher Robin decides to discover the North Pole. He is not sure what it is, except it's to be discovered; whilst Pooh thinks an 'expotition' is a sort of boat! On their journey, Roo washes his face and paws in a stream... and then starts swimming in it, much to Kanga's alarm! Pooh discovers the pole and uses it with Kanga to rescue Roo. They stick the pole into the ground, and Christopher Robin ties a message to it: 'North Pole discovered by Pooh. Pooh found it'.

The pole is no longer stuck in the ground to mark the spot, however if you do manage to find where it is, there is a pretty little pond right next door.

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