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Hartfield and Pooh Corner

Hartfield is a small village on the edge of the Ashdown Forest. If you approach it from the south of the village, the first building on the left is The Pooh Corner shop.

Christopher Robin bought his sweets from this shop in the 1920s; nowadays it houses the world's largest selection of Pooh merchandise. The shop, dedicated to all things 'Pooh', is well worth a visit! They have free maps of how to get to Pooh Bridge (details are also in the window if the shop is closed), and have a Poohstick rulebook if you need some help in how to play. They also offer a mail-order catalogue for those unable to visit.

'The House at Pooh Corner' begins with Pooh thinking that Eeyore has nowhere to live to give him shelter from the snow. So, with Piglet's help, they build a house for him from sticks, and name the place Pooh Corner, because that was where Pooh came up with the idea.

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