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Roo's Sandy Pit and The Enchanted Places

South of Pooh Bridge is the Enchanted Place, some fir trees, Roo's Sandy Pit and Galleon's Lap.

Roo's Sandy Pit is really a quarry! Needless to say, it hasn't been filled in, so it still exists. Kanga takes Roo to the sandy part of the forest for him to practice jumping, doing his best not to fall down mouse-holes.

Galleon's Lap, known locally as Gill's Lap, has a spectacular view over the South Downs. We're not too sure of the relevance to the stories - if you do, please drop Tigger a line and we will add your details in.

Finally, the Enchanted Place is around this area, where there is a memorial to AA Milne and EH Shepard, erected by Christopher Robin Milne.

At Gill's Lap car park, there is an information board by the Ashdown Forest Centre, which includes a picture of the forest as it is today, drawn by EH Shepard (or according to the picture - Drawn by me, Pooh, with a little help from EH Shepard).

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