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S t o r y T i m e

Winnie-the-Pooh and the Honey Pot

It was a lovely warm day, a little after lunchtime, and Winnie-the-Pooh smiled happily to himself while licking a last drop of honey off his paw.

"Why is it," he asked out loud, "that honey is so very good to eat, but there is never quite enough left?"

He got up from the table, scratched his sides, and wandered over to the cupboard. He looked, and then looked again closely, but there weren't any pots left in the cupboard. He closed the door and sighed.

"Oh bother." He said, "My today cupboard is empty." Winnie-the-Pooh called it his 'today cupboard' because it was the cupboard he was taking honey from today.

He walked around to the other side of his room, and opened the cupboard there. "It looks like I'm going to have to eat the honey in my tomorrow cupboard instead." He reached down the large jar of honey from his tomorrow cupboard and set it on the table, but before he could lift off the lid there was a knock at the door. Then another. And then another.

Pooh wondered who it could be. It couldn't be Tigger, as Tigger's knocks were more like bounces. And it couldn't be Piglet as his knocks were much quieter. And it wasn't Owl as it was definitely a knock rather than a hoot.

"I wonder whether that is Rabbit come to eat some of my honey?" Pooh said worriedly, looking at the large jar in his table.

He thought for a few seconds, and then a few seconds more. "If I put my tomorrow honey in my today cupboard, Rabbit will think I don't have any honey for tomorrow, and might even bring me some of his." Pooh was very pleased with his thought, and put the large jar in his today cupboard.

Pooh walked over to the door and opened it.

"Hello Pooh." Said Christoper Robin.

"Hello Christopher Robin." Said Pooh. "You're not Rabbit."

Christopher Robin laughed as he came in. In his hands he carried a large jar. A large honey jar. A large honey jar full of lovely honey.

"There wouldn't happen to be some honey in that honey jar, would there?" Asked Pooh hopefully.

"Yes, I thought you might like some." replied Christopher Robin.

"Yes please." said Pooh.

Christopher Robin went to Pooh's today cupboard to put away the honey. He opened the door and was surprised to find a full jar of honey in it.

"My my" said Christopher Robin, "you haven't eaten all of today's honey yet. I'd better take this round to Rabbit instead. I remember him saying he finished all of his yesterday."

"Yes he did," said Pooh thinking of the three jars of honey he had eaten at Rabbits House yesterday. "His honey is all gone".

But then Pooh had another thought. "But if you give that jar of honey to Rabbit, you won't be giving it to me, and then I won't be eating it." Pooh sat down on his chair.

"I'm sure Rabbit wouldn't mind sharing it with you. Would you like to come with me?" Asked Christopher Robin.

"Yes please." said Pooh, following Christopher Robin to the door. "Rabbit likes to share his honey with me. He always says so."

Pooh paused, and walked back over to his today cupboard. "And," he said, "I think I'll share some of mine with Rabbit, too." He lifted down the large jar and took it with him.

"Rabbit will be pleased." said Christopher Robin.

So Christopher Robin and Winnie-the-Pooh went to Rabbit's House to eat honey. And Christopher Robin was right, because Rabbit was very pleased. And very surprised!


Written by: John Oxenbridge 1999