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What is a poohstick? (or how it all began)

Believe it or not, we were asked that question on our last trip to the bridge (check out the photos!).

The first game of poohsticks (as invented by Pooh), was played with fircones! He had come to Pooh Bridge, whilst carrying a fir-cone, tripped and dropped it over the bridge and into the river.

'That's funny' said Pooh. 'I dropped it on the other side' , said Pooh, 'and it came out on this side. I wonder if it will do it again?' And he went back for some more fir-cones. (Chapter 6 from 'The House at Pooh Corner')

Needless to say, he played it again and again, dropping two different fir-cones in at once, and guessing which one would win. After telling his friends about the game, they played with him, using sticks instead of fir-cones as they were easier to mark.

The rules

For those visiting the Pooh Corner shop, you can buy a rule book written in the style of Pooh. Our (simplified) version is:

1) Find some friends

2) Find some sticks

3) Find a bridge with a river underneath (not a railway line / road etc...)

4) Stand on the upstream side of the bridge (so your sticks will float underneath) with your friends

5) When someone says 'Go', you all drop your sticks into the river

6) The owner of the first stick to reach the other side is the winner!

Good luck!

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